belly-2473_1920Summer is finally here and in full swing. Are you ready to put on your swimsuit and show yourself off? If you are not really comfortable putting on your swimsuit and hitting the sea bleachers this summer, you are not alone. Many of us feel kind of hesitant putting on a swimsuit because of the few extra pounds here and there that tend to make us look unattractive. If you lose these few extra pounds, it will not only make you more attractive, but it would also make you happier, healthier and more energetic. Losing just a few pounds can have tremendous physical and mental benefits.

We have been giving you tips on losing weight and staying in shape for summer in our previous blogs, but this blog targets some drastic measures and methods that are easy to follow and will slowly but surely give you a more attractive body that you can be proud of.

There are really simple tricks to losing weight. Starving and depriving yourself of nutritious food is not the way to go. You might be able to lose some weight by starving but you will soon gain the weight back. You’d also be slowing your metabolism down when you starve and deprive your body of the essential nutrition that it needs.

beach-21815_1920The first step to losing weight is to figure out what your optimal weight is. Calculating your ideal body weight can help you figure out how much weight you need to lose and what your optimal body weight should be. Once you target your ideal body weight, you will be able to work on your weight loss routine more effectively. Your ideal body weight will depend on your body type, your age, and your height.

Losing the last few pounds could be frustrating and irritating. It is the most difficult part of weight loss practices. You seem to do everything right and still fail to get rid of the love-handles that no one “loves”, or a pot belly that makes you feel unattractive. Here are a few simple ways you can boost your appearance a notch without depriving yourself.

5 simple weight loss rules

Whether you have a weight problem, or you are slightly overweight for your height or body type, losing weight can save you from many of the health complications while making you look more attractive. Here are 5 simple ways to lose weight fast without spending a lot of money on food, food supplements or cosmetic surgery.

1. Cut down serving size

The main reason we, the Americans are overweight and have an obesity problem is because we tend to eat way more than what we should. Over the last 30 years, our meals have become super sized. The link between super-sized meals and obesity is obvious. Super sized meals are everywhere, from fast food restaurants, supermarket shelves to our kitchens. We are observing larger meals, larger packages and increased salt, sugar and calories in every meal. If we eat an average of 93 extra calories per meal per day, we could be gaining an additional 10 pounds a year. Eating smaller portions and smaller meals will significantly reduce your weight.

2. Low fat & low calorie

apple-18721_1920Eating a surplus of food doesn’t always lead to obesity. If you watch what you eat, you will not gain weight, and this can be accomplished without depriving yourself of the nutrients you need. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and salads can give you the right amount of calories and will keep you slim. Researches show that eating low calorie food such as soups, vegetable and fruits will fill you up without making you fat. Avoid food that is high in calories and sugar. Fish is a great source of protein that has many health benefits. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids that improve your physical and mental state, giving you a good supply of proteins and vitamins. When you buy food, look at the nutrition facts and make sure that they are low calorie and low fat foods. Also, buy food and smacks that are low in sugar and salt.

3. Boost your metabolism

Increasing the rate at which we metabolize our food can increase the chances of us staying slim. When we eat, the food is broken down and absorbed by our body. If our bodies metabolized food slowly, fat tends to get stored more easily. Therefore, people who have a high metabolism can find it easier to stay slim compared to people who have slow rate of metabolism, naturally. Your metabolism is mostly controlled be genetics, but there are ways you can boost your metabolism by eating foods that boost it naturally. Below is a list of foods that boost your metabolism

bread-21444_1280Egg whites: Eating egg is not as bad as you think; they have chained amino acids that supply your body with a good source of protein, calcium and Vitamin D, which are excellent for boosting your metabolism.

White lean meat: Deficiency of minerals and electrolytes can slow your metabolism down. Eat at least three servings of white meat a week; chicken, turkeys, and lean beef, are excellent sources of iron.

Water: Water is not only necessary for life, it is essential for boosting your metabolism. Research shows that even slight dehydration can result in a slower metabolism.

Spices: Many of the herbal spices available will not only spice up your food, but also boost your metabolism. Try adding some condiments and spices such as chili, ginger, garlic, turmeric, parsley and cumin to boost your metabolism.

4. Cut back on drinks

If you are drinking a lot of soda or processed fruit juices, you could be gathering extra calories in your body, leading to fat gain. For the next five days, drink only water and avoid any alcoholic beverages.

5. Intensive training

tennis-73976_1920There is nothing like a high impact workout for losing weight; get into the habit of working out regularly. In the next 5 days, you should engage in an intensive workout routine that makes you sweat. Join a gym and ask your trainer to design a workout routine suited for you. Lifting weights can quickly boost your strength, giving you higher level of fitness and metabolism. Try running, jogging and other forms of physical activities as a supplement to your workout routine to get faster results. Run for at least for 30 minutes every day for the next five days.

Try the above system for a week and see the results yourself. I am sure you will be pleased to see the result. Please let us know how your weight loss plan went and leave an comment below. Don’t forget to share.

Source: Balanced Life Team

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