jonah - 6-16This is the end of my third week at NTP. I finally got done with the 4 foot tall frame for the IBC. It seems to have turned out pretty well.

The only part I messed up on is the spacing for the pallet jack on 2 of the sides. I made the pieces of wood too wide so you can only move it from one side. It’s not too big of a deal.

With this project I want it to be semi-mobile; at least via pallet jack so I think my next steps are to make it work with its own internal power supply.

I’ve also been working a bit more on my design and prototype for the automated water tester. The design now is essentially the same as before, but as all the bottles facing directly downwards instead of sideways. They will all have thin tubes attached to them so the pipette can still rotate to select each option. This will (hopefully) make things easier. Another cool thing about my robot tester is it could potentially be used as a dosing pump as well. If you have chemicals for dosing in bottles you could screw those in and have them very accurately added to your water. I’m guessing it could be at least 10 times more accurate than the normal peristaltic dosing pumps currently on the market.

Jonah Eskin – 6/16/2014

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