hopeThis was another productive week for me at Nourish the Planet. Each day I continue to learn more about sustainability and Aquaponics and each day what I learn inspires me to help make teaching the planet to feed itself not just a possibility but a reality. In doing this, I have set my mind to creating and developing a new website for HOPE; which I will be working on with Serena. Since we are starting from scratch our time this past week was mostly occupied with becoming well acquainted with the basic tools we will need starting with WordPress.

As I may have mentioned earlier we are aiming to create a simple and accessible website with a clean feel. As such, we chose the same theme used for some of CEED’s other websites. Divi and I have been exploring the vast number of features and layouts available. One of the things I have been so impressed with is how powerful tools such as WordPress are in empowering people like Serena and myself with no prior experience in creating professional looking websites.

Another useful website we discovered is Fiverr, which connects people with skills such as a singing voice or a unique drawing style with people in need of and all starting at just $5. In our case we are hoping to have a logo created for HOPE as well as some stylistic infographic designs made that describe the “HOPE process”. All in all we are really excited at the prospects for designing this website and have high hopes for the final product.

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