275px-Moraine_Lake_17092005I am really excited to spend this summer with Nourish the Planet as an intern. I expect it to be a superb learning opportunity for me as well as a wonderful channel for me to pursue my interest in environmentalism and sustainability all the while making a meaningful contribution to the company and its goals. Ever increasingly, what I have studied in school has reinforced the importance of assessing and solving problems with a broad prospective and through multi-disciplinary methods, a critical viewpoint that I believe Nourish the Planet embraces as it attempts to answer one of the most pressing questions of our ages – how will the planet feed itself?

I grew up in Orange County, California playing soccer and badminton. In High School, I entered the International Baccalaureate program, which saw me through an encompassing and rigorous curriculum. My learning has continued at Haverford College in Philadelphia where I am double majoring in Computer Science and Math. However, as a part of my liberal arts education, I have explored many different fields of study. One that has particularly peaked my interest is environmental studies. I’m a regular member of the Earthquakers, an environmental group on campus, and attended Powershift 2013, a nationwide youth environmental conference held in Pittsburgh in the fall. Thus, it is with great enthusiasm that I begin at Nourish the Planet to further explore our common interests in sustainability and environmentalism. I look forward to a productive and enriching internship!

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