mollusk-60148_1280After getting more familiarized with the mission and work being done here at Nourish the Planet, my intern partner, Serena and I have discovered a project that we are both really excited to work on. HOPE (Helping other People Economically). From what we’ve learned about it we think it is so awesome that CEED has been able to team up with charity organizations to create a meaningful impact in communities such as Mexico, Ukraine and Swaziland. What we want to do in particular is design a website that is very clean, concise, and accessible for people to find out more about HOPE and its mission in particular.

Aside from the HOPE, I’ve also gotten a really good sampling of all the other things being done here at Nourish the Planet and how it fits into the greater landscape of sustainable agriculture. This past week we have come upon multiple companies and startups with similar goals to feed the world and all with their own unique ideas and implementations; each as innovative as the rest. It has been really incredible to learn about all the advances being made in this field and the excited enthusiasm I have witnessed really is inspiring and hopeful for the future of sustainable agriculture.

Jason Haas 6.10.2014

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