silhouette-327075_1280A continuum of battling wits concluded my epidemic of the previous week. I do not fancy the broken hinges of technology nor appreciate the deficiency of not being able to renew them. Editing with constant parameters and goals demanding higher standards is simply devious. Amidst the slough of technological issues, I am accompanied by a band of chivalrous steeds to obtain my sanity. We do indeed have many giggles shared with each other. Sadly, freighting these good vibes are at war with the lack of useful technology. .

However, I do manage to sustain just enough life to continue my ever evolving quests to edit. Though also this past week, I was sent back to return to my abode from the effects of my intern leader’s condition due to being pregnant. It was an odd couple days being lost in the vast emptiness without her. I was indeed lost without Leigh-Ann whilst she was at the doctors. During those days, I accomplished making knobs in Photoshop for my personal project. At here return, however, we rejoiced and gladly continued on what was needing to be done. That Friday, I filmed the inside of a massive metal box which contained plants affected by hydroponics. At least that’s what I think it is called. Then I filmed around the warehouse to fill in the gaps of time. So thus concludes my week and I wonder what this new week shall hold.

Eric Richards – 6/17/2014

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