Alpaca2This week has been by far the most interesting week of my internship. On Thursday, May 29th, I got to go shoot an alpaca sheering and as well the alpaca themselves. (Shoot as in video shooting!) Alpaca are extremely quirky and enjoyable to watch. They are very curious creatures and at the same time outrageously terrifying. I know in my mind alpaca spit and my imagination created a foul beast that would spit on you if you dare look into their deep, dark eyes.

Though, in the discovery of my curiosity, they are just as weird as I am. I thoroughly enjoyed examining such a graceful (har har) creature. In the past couple weeks I have gone to an alpaca sheering, did inventory of all our equipment, shot an interview, helped with setting up a webinar and shot intro videos for John Nillen. Doing inventory may not sound so enjoyable but I did like organizing all of our equipment into a medieval data base (writing everything down on paper). Soon I will organize a spread sheet and maybe even assign numbers to each piece of equipment for easier tracking. Well, this is my first official blog for my internship. I am about a fourth of the way complete and I am excited to see where this takes me and what new adventures are in store.

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