This past week has been pretty easy for me. There were no confusions on what needed to be done and I had the time to nearly finish all my video projects. I got to edit a high school tour that we conducted and finished an intern interview video. This is what mainly consumed my time at Nourish the Planet. Oh, we had a Webinar on Wednesday. The fluency wasn’t as silky smooth as it has been before. I cannot remember exactly who Wayne was talking to but the topic was on feeding the needy.

india-252098_1280A truly inspiring quote rose out of the whole meeting: “Teach us to fish”. It is true that us being rich Americans we just simply give food to those who need it. Initially, that isn’t a bad thing but it makes the consumer dependent solely on free food. If the free source of food disappears then what happens to those who don’t know how to hunt, gather and cook correctly to prevent disease or prevent gathering the wrong plants that are deadly?

It surely does make a nation lose their dignity if they are trained to be dependent in such a way. Our psyche, those who help those in need, also gets polluted with the idea that we always have to save the world and that others are incapable of holding their own ground. That, of course, is obscene. We do have a responsibility to not neglect them but we do need to know when we are crossing the line to hurting them (and us) be helping them too much. We need to learn the transition between helping and teaching.

Eric Richards

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