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Go Kin Packs: the Best Battery Charger for After the Storm?

“When your power’s out after severe weather, the best battery charger won’t require electricity, fuel, or even sunlight – just a healthy, brisk walk…”

6 Beginner Recipes for Solar Ovens

“When you’re first starting out with your solar oven, focus on recipes that do well with slow cooking.”
Whither the 2015 Agriculture Funding Process?

On Thursday, June 19, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) postponed consideration of the Senate’s three-part spending package for Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science, and Transportation-Housing and Urban Development for fiscal year 2015.  The Senate began consideration of the FY 2015 appropriations package on Tuesday, and was scheduled to begin to voting on amendments on Thursday.  However….,




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