This past week I’ve worked on trying to establish a baseline for all of the systems and worked with Suzi, bouncing ideas off of each other, to figure out how we were going to interpret the data. The POD system is proving to be quit difficult. The 2 ways that have been using for data haven’t really given the right kind for analysis. The interpretation of both sets of data didn’t tell us what we were looking for. The third idea we came up with seems feasible but getting it entered for data analysis that is going to be difficult to figure out. I’ve also been looking for a diagram app so the I can sketch the 2700 sites available for planting but haven’t found one that will do what I want it to, yet. With such a large sample, any data is going to be time consuming: the way plants are tracked, measured, weighed and what’s interpreted plus system operation issues. Any ideas would be much appreciate perhaps I’m too close to the issue to see the answer.

On a side note I find myself working on various tasks at home for NTP.  I really enjoy working here and find it hard not to take work home with me.

– Wendy Chapman 5.13.14

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