As your baby reaches his or her first birthday, you might find yourself run into some challenges. Raising a well behaved toddler is most challenging because of the communication barrier between parents and their toddlers. At that age, your child only knows and understands the basics of the language you’re using and they are not yet mentally capable of communicating fully, especially when it comes to expressing their needs. Toddlers cannot always express their needs. In this article, we will look into the best ways to raise a well behaved toddler.

Understanding toddler behavior

baby-215867As your child grows up, you will find that they have a natural curiosity when it comes to their surroundings. You’ll also notice that they start learning and expressing their needs more easily, start developing their social skills, and tend to follow their mom and dad or other siblings. At a very early age, children start developing personality traits such as their ego and super ego. As a parent, it is vital to make sure that your child develops a good self esteem.


Communicate better with your child

Your child can misbehave if he or she doesn’t understand what he is doing wrong or doesn’t understand what you want him to do. Your child might start fights or start hitting his siblings, but you should try to explain that what he is doing is wrong instead of screaming. Also, try teaching your child ways to express themselves better. If your child can’t speak yet, try using sign language. Your child can avoid serious frustrations if you communicate better because frustration often leads to misbehavior.

Allow curiosity

beautiful four year old drawing a houseIn these early stages, you must remain calm and patient so that the child can develop without fear. If you’re constantly telling your child “no!” you’re discouraging their natural learning abilities and curiosities. Your child should be allowed to explore the world without a lot of restriction and frequent “don’t do that“. Create safe situations where your child is allowed to explore things under your supervision. In doing so, we would recommend placing your valuable things out of your child’s reach.

Make a trade

You can change your child’s behavior by making a trade. For example if your child is sucking on one of your favorite items, you can replace it with something else, without upsetting the child. There are also other times where you might be able to make a switch. For example if she is blowing bubbles into her food while eating lunch, allow her to go outside and blow bubbles.

Offer options

Children today can be controlling and stubborn. They like having control over things they have and want others to obey them. You can often guide your child by giving him alternatives. That way your child can exercise freedom of choice while you get your needed output from him.

Let her model you

Most children like modeling their parents. For example if you are in the kitchen cooking, your child might come and try to help you. Make sure that you move your child away from the hot stove and give her toy cookware, such as wooden spoon to play with. The rules that you lay down for your child should be prioritized towards safety.

Show your child love

As your child starts to grow, they will need lots of positive attention from you. Make sure you show affection to your children. You should display your love for them even when you are disciplining your child. Refrain from anger and abusive language because your outburst of anger may send the wrong message to your child. It also shows them that that using abusive behavior will solve problems.

Accept your child

A tasty porridge.Every child is different and may show different traits as they are growing up. Some of the traits your child has are genetic and some are learned while growing up. Let your child’s personality develop naturally and never tell your child to be like someone else. We often make the mistake of saying “why can’t you be more like your brother?” You should respect the child’s individuality and accept him the way he is. Don’t expect your child to behave like you.

Maintain daily routine

Maintaining a daily routine will make you and your child more disciplined because he or she will understand what you want him to do next and you’ll also learn how to communicate with them better.

Set a good example

happy family

Children often learn how to behave by watching and following their parents. The best way to teach your children how to behave properly is to set a good example for your children to follow.

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Source: Balanced Life Team

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