ground fish foodI did all the water testing by myself today, even the dissolved O2, fed the fish and created a data set on Excel for the new conference room system. There are 16 goldfish in the new tank. All the data is current for the year including the past week’s micro-greens.   Wednesdays are wonderful and quiet little days around here with a skeleton staff of friendly people. I shouldn’t be this happy to be working. =)

After lunch I helped Hayden with the micro-greens. I bleached trays while he seeded and we got it all done relatively quickly. I got level B labeled to my own satisfaction in the POD. I have only level A left to do. It’s been a good day. I feel like we got a lot accomplished.

Friday I helped train an intern. It’s funny that I teach better than I do.We harvested lettuce, ran the water tests and fed the fish. We found a test tube filled with brine shrimp eggs (sea monkeys) so I started a fishbowl system with the eggs, in five days we should begin to see swimmers and they will need food. The internet said they enjoy hard-boiled egg yolks. I researched new species discovered in the saltwater tank and identified bristle worms. They are detrivores but their cirri are venomous, so they are often referred to as fire worms. My co-worker told me one reared up on her like a snake.

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