I keep thinking that I’m working myself out of work, but so far every time I complete a system data set another appears.  I have all 8 water systems up to date for the year. I created a couple different versions of the lettuce harvest excel sheets, but ultimately, when I was handed the data, neither of my versions was truly appropriate. I entered harvest data from 3 harvests, calculating totals, averages and standard deviations, but then it occurred to me that if we could label every position in the POD than we can run data by position. If we have positional data we can begin to diagnose any issues with the mechanical systems. What about position X makes it generally grow better or worse that position Y? We should begin to be able to diagnose environmental condition differences like light, water spray or elevation and gradient differences in things like distance to the door, or companion plants.

 I mapped the POD in Excel. I blueprinted all the positions in the POD and began labeling them with masking tape. I completed the lowest row (called C), north and south with 3 rows each of 72×5 on the north and 66×4 on the south. In practice I can see how this system would slow down the harvest, but the ultimate data set should be amazing. Maybe the harvest data would have to be completed in the POD. I’d be willing to volunteer to take the first data set under the schema as to not make someone else my data guinea pig.

Susan Bain 5.7.14

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