lettuceMy second week at Nourish The Planet has consisted of familiarizing myself with the systems currently running. Harvesting lettuce from the aquaponic POD and collecting and recording data on the yield was where most of my time was spent the first weekend. Each plant is weighed, length and width recorded, and general observations logged.

There seems to be an abundance of lettuce producing in this pod and as the process is refined each time, the system’s yield advances. I appreciate the ideas you are able to gain from watching the various methods progress. Ialpaca find it phenomenal the opportunities available in our world for improvement in efficiency. Our society is speeding toward the edge of a cliff, headed toward a rocky and deadly landing where our resources have been either been depleted, poisoned, or trampled by our lack of empathy for the planet which sustains our chance of life.

Even if we were to slam the brakes now, we would still end up skidding right over the side. So why not make a change today and start back peddling before we do so much harm the possibility of ‘fixing’ the damage is too far out of reach? Your own home can be the first step. The possibility to farm, grown or construct a more efficient environment starts with your own daily consumption of energy.

– Jacqueline Hess

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