Chocolate LoverI fully and wholeheartedly believe that cheating on a life style change is alright, as long as it’s few and far in between. Sometimes you are in a situation where you find yourself with the choice of eating something that isn’t on your diet or not eating anything at all. Sometimes you are at a dinner and the host serves something that you can eat, but is not on your diet. There are many situations you can find yourself in. One way to prevent this is to be prepared with snacks or foods you can eat, but sometimes life does not always go to plan and you are just stuck. Sometimes you just want that ice-cream, cake or cookie because you do.

You don’t become healthy by eating healthy for one day, and you don’t become unhealthy because you ate poorly one day. Stuff happens. The one thing I find is that if I am really craving a food, and a substitute is not going to hit the spot, once I start to eat it, it really wasn’t as good as I remembered before my detox days and before the days whenmy body knew what was good and healthy.

But I mostly find myself rebelling against my diet and lifestyle when I have to be put on steroids. The main side effect is weight gain, so I’m going to gain weight with eating healthy or not. I do it every time (for the first week). But during this time, I feel the way my body is reacting, and I remember the true reason why eating healthy is important. I can feel my body going back to the sluggish ways. I can feel my work outs becoming harder. When I get back on track, I feel why I love eating healthy and feel the reason why I should stay on track.


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