We have unlimited wants and limited resources. It’s never possible to satisfy all our wants and needs with the limited resources we have. We cannot achieve one objective in life without making a sacrifice or compromise in another area. However, some people seem to have found the key to happiness and remain content with what they have, while others struggle with their lives. Finding happiness in life doesn’t mean that everything in your life is perfect. Happiness doesn’t require you to fulfill your every dream but it’s the ability to look beyond imperfections and accept life.

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.” -Morris West

We are going to give you 10 essential ideas, which are basic but effective in cultivating happiness and building an incredible life.


1. Enjoy the moment

Enjoying your current situation is a habit that takes practice. Of course life is full of anxiety. Demands and pressures related to the past and future may make us lose focus on the present, and we may not be able to appreciate what’s in front of us. Our lives demand that we pursue goals, but if we keep looking toward tomorrow, the odds are that we will not even be happy when we attain our goals. We will do the same thing when tomorrow arrives and continue to increase our goals. The key to happiness lies in being content with our current situation.

2. Happiness is simple


The route to happiness is quite simple. It doesn’t depend on any amount of money, fame, or any material goods. Happiness could mean different things to different people, and it does not cost a whole lot to be happy. If we are always chasing something better or bigger, we will never reach it. Having ambition in life is necessary; it improves your life, making you a better person financially or physically, giving you power, fame, and higher social status. However, being content with what you have at present, gives you happiness. You might not have a perfect life or a perfect body, or things just might be too difficult at the moment for you; but that’s what life is. It requires you to understand your situation and cope with your anxiety and face every moment of it.

3. Physical activities


Our bodies have a direct connection with our minds, so how we feel physically is often linked with how we feel emotionally or mentally. Moreover, if you take care of your body, you will feel energetic and optimistic. For instance, a simple 20 minute walk in nature will make you feel happier because it improves your blood circulation, improves hormonal and chemical balance, and boosts your body’s ability to fight stress. A regular workout routine will effectively fight stress and anxiety and improve your fitness level, which often relates directly to happiness.

4. Help others

We are social beings and no one can live only for oneself. There is great joy and happiness to be found in helping others and being generous. Also try to be forgiving and polite. When you help others unconditionally, without expecting anything in return, and forgive their mistakes, it will fill you up with happiness. It will also give you more self-esteem, especially if you are kind to those who have nothing to repay you with.

5. Staying active

Engage yourself and stay active in various activities such as swimming, walking, riding, hiking, or anything that keeps you busy. Staying busy will also help you stay stress free. Socializing with your friends after work and joining different groups for activities will help you to achieve a sense of purpose, stay happy, and stay away from stress.

6. Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy

Businessman with MoneyIt could be our dream job, a career, or simply our way of earning an income, but the majority of the time we spend at our jobs, trying to make a living. Ideally, we should be able to do what we like and without even thinking about what we don’t like. In the real world, however, we don’t always have the freedom to spend our time on only the things that we like and sometimes we have to do what we don’t really like. It’s similar to many of our high school experiences, where we enjoyed some of the subjects and hated some others, but we needed to pass them all in order to graduate. Similarly, you are going to have fun parts of your job, and also some stuff that you don’t like. The most important career choice for you would be to work in an area that you really enjoy.

Every job has its boring moments. To be happy and successful in life, you must be able to do well in both the things that you don’t really like to do as well as those you really enjoy.

7. Control your thoughts

When you feel that negative thoughts are making you stressed out, control your thoughts. Many times, anxiety is caused by our thoughts that constantly tell us about our failures and things that went wrong. If we are victimized by our own thoughts, how can we be happy? Focus on your achievements, instead of dwelling on your failures, and move forward.

8. Express gratitude

Be thankful to people around you and also to yourself for being the person that you have become. Expressing gratitude for small things in life and to others broadens our sense of awareness, and brings a positive attitude to life.

9. Avoid conflicts

Look for solutions, not problems. Our lives would be a lot happier if we could avoid conflicts at work, at play or at home. Simple keys to avoiding conflict are:

  • Listen more, react less
  • Be flexible
  • Respect others’ opinions, time and space
  • Be understanding

10. Smile


A physical gesture as simple as smiling has many health benefits. It makes you look and feel good instantly, and reduces stress. Smiling more often will reduce stress, improve your health and it will also help you connect better with others. When others see you happy and smile, people around you are more likely to smile back.

Hope you will be able to follow these simple tips and find happiness in life. Please share with your friends and don’t hesitate to put down a few words in the comment box below.

Source: Balanced Life Team

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