Time is flying and with influenza it flies even faster, I’m losing track of my days!!! Today my chives haven’t germinated.  I noticed the same Friday and decided to plant an entire plot of chives (200ca.) Friday. I think the watering system  isn’t enough for the chives. This second attempt should prove this. If that is true then I’m going to look into alternative watering solutions for my chives. The POD only had 1 ladybug remaining and it took a lot to find that single ladybug. Prior to harvest there were 6 ladybugs so they didn’t service the harvest well at all. Need to note this for future results! I’ve already  noticed several plants with aphid populations on them. This is within the expected time frame for them to show so it’s now that we need to start treating for them. Today I made a Neem spray with what we already had in the warehouse! It’s not much but hopefully it’ll work until I’m able to get my extracts up and running. Today I got approval for my titration system to do my extracts, I’m so stoked now!!!

The salt water system showed .25 ammonia result, 3 days after the introduction of 5g of whole fish food. After talking with Justin, we’ll be adding 5g of food until we’re able to product what is expected. It definitely appears that this system hasn’t been functioning properly! Pro-formed a alkalinity dip test today. It tested at 240, high, possibly too high. So after talking to Justin we’ve decided to added 5g of food, and that further tests need to be done for both the alkalinity and phosphates.

Wendy Chapman

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