The Microgreens we grow at NTP feed a wide range of livestock. Ducks, alpacas, and chickens are currently benefiting from our highly nutritious living livestock feed and today I met a client with a quite interesting herd at home. A local husband and wife team are raising Lowline and Dexter cattle, which are rare breeds that are much smaller than normal beef cattle. These cattle come with many benefits: they are known to be very docile, take less to feed, and calve easily making them great candidates for those interested in sustainable ranching.

When these smaller breeds reach proper slaughter age and weight, the percentage of yield is much higher than normal beef cattle. Lowline cattle features a high level of intramuscular fat, known as marbling, which common cattle do as well, however a major difference being a common beef cow will have a considerable amount of excess fat then will a Lowline cattle breed. This fact paired with the excellent nutrition NTP’s Microgreens provide makes me very excited to see the final product of our new clients beef!

Stephen Ohl

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