water purification

I did a couple things all by myself today. I did all the water testing (except dissolved O2 and temp). I reran the nitrate tests on 2 systems because I got data I didn’t expect, (with the same results) but it looks reasonable in comparison with the previous week’s data. Then, I fed the fish systems. We had 2 mortalities in AQ1 today and for the sake of science we donated the floaters to the other tanks. The perch tank did consume one goldfish, though the actors are unknown. The Pacu fish tasted a floater and then swallowed the goldfish whole.

I finished the data today. I have 25 months of data completed (6(4)+1) including systems 1,2,3,4,AQ1, the POD and the Tower. I emailed them to Josh, Wayne, Justin and Hayden with updated file names and including this week’s paper data. I like feeling like I’ve accomplished something but I ultimately worked myself out of a job and now need to find something else to do. I helped Hayden do the seed trays and that killed the better part of the afternoon. I like staying busy, and none of it ever feels like work.

Friday I started designing excel sheets for the lettuce harvest. The application of statistical data seems limitless to me. I never thought data would be my niche, but I find that it’s something I genuinely enjoy.

Susan Bain 4.30.14

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