A Bit about Bell Siphons

Stephen Ohl 4.12Our tomato plants at NTP have outgrown the tent that we had them in so it was time to find them a new home. One of our employees Hayden and I were discussing what sort of system we should use to transplant them into to and Hayden suggested a bell siphon. A bell siphon is a really nifty system that was really easy to build!

First we drilled a 6 inch long piece of 1/2 inch diameter PVC into the bottom of a barrel that we had cut in half. Next we put a 4 inch diameter piece over that, on which we cut four notches into the bottom so it wasn’t flush with the bottom of her barrel, finally we drilled many holes into a 6 inch diameter piece of PVC and put it over the other two pieces as a media guard. When water is put in system it will not drain until the water level is higher than the 1/2 inch piece of PVC inside the assembly. When this occurs the resulting siphon will completely drain the entire table. Bell siphons are really cool and fairly easy to assemble, hopefully our tomatoes will enjoy their new digs!

One of my recent endeavors here at nourish the planet is finding outlets in the community for our microgreens that we grow here in one of our hydroponic systems. We recently switched from wheat to barley and I used this opportunity to research the benefits of sprouted barley compared to wheat. While both are excellent sources of protein barley has slightly higher iron content and more protein as well.

The word is out about the microgreens and already one person who feeds them to his chickens is already requesting more. If you or someone you know has livestock of any kind and would like to try out our microgreens to supplement your current feed please contact us through Facebook or the website!

Stephen Ohl

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