Moving Forward

In this week’s blog post I’d like to talk a little bit about my responsibilities as an HR intern for Nourish the Planet. During a typical “day in the life” I conduct follow-ups, schedule appointments, schedule interviews, and shuffle through some recent applications. As of recently, I was assigned to the task of helping the company develop an E-Newsletter, a more savvy way for applicants to forward their documents to Josh and I, and to design employee surveys. Over this past week I have accomplished the task of creating a website that functions as a portal for applicants to upload their documents while also learning more about the internship programs available at Nourish the Planet. As for the surveys, my task was to compose surveys that could potentially help both interns and NTP alike. In this past week I have created two surveys: 1) Nourish the Planet Intern Questionnaire and 2) Nourish the Planet Alumni Survey. Survey one highlights specific intern views on how things are done at Nourish the Planet (ex: after your interview, how comfortable did you feel about working with Nourish the Planet?) while Survey two asks the alumni specific questions on how their internship effected their career goals (ex: was it easier for you to get a job after interning at Nourish the Planet?). I look forward to seeing how my website idea pans out and I hope it becomes a very helpful tool along the way.


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