If you are what you eat then I want to be healthy (and taste good). Before we begin talking about recipes and food solutions, the most important step to eating right is to understand that you are what you eat. As much as it sucks to read labels, do research before going shopping, and pay more– if you truly want to give your body the best– it is a step that should not be skipped for two important reasons.

The first reason is: the food that you are putting in your body is literally the material from which your body is making new cells. To go even further, the food your food is eating is making the cells in your body. Eating organic and grass fed is more expensive, but is better to pay a little more now, then a lot more in doctor bills later. What I tell myself, and my budget, is that eating organic is worth it in the end. When I began to eat organic fruits and vegetables, and grass fed meats I noticed my body responding in amazing ways. First of all I started to have more energy, a couple weeks later I started to feel less sick everyday, I started to lose weight, and lastly my skin cleaned up. The only different thing I was doing was eating better food, and become more aware of the tools that I was giving my body to become healthy.

The second reason is: you can’t train a bad diet. If you are trying to live a healthy life style, it is going to start with what you are giving your body. For you gym rats– you will never receive the gym results you deserve, if you are not eating right. When I first started college I would go to the gym everyday from anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours. I noticed a little difference, but nowhere near what I deserved. I was counting my calories and making sure that I was eating less and burning more– however, the scale didn’t move, my body didn’t look much different, and my body fat percentage was going nowhere.  As cliché as it sounds, once I started to eat clean right my workouts started to become easier and I actually started to see results. From high school to a few years after collage, I had lost 10 pounds. Once I started to eat clean foods, I lost 20 pounds in a few months. That is having the same type of work out schedule.

Giving your body the right tools can mean the difference in seeing no results or life changing results. With that being said, this blog will now start it’s journey through a life style change to a more healthy and happy state.


Heather Martin

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