This week I have been continuing my work on estimating the population of the goldfish pool and the biofilter for the new conference room fish tank, updates on these projects will be next week.

Since starting as a Sustainability Intern I have been learning about our coral saltwater tanks.  This tank has several thriving colonies of coral including pagoda cup, kenya trees, Duncan colony, hammer coral, and Aiptasia.  Aiptasia is a harmful type of coral which can harm other coral around them and may hurt or kill fish with its sting.  It can be difficult to remove partly because it can regenerate into a new colony from as little as one cell.  For this reason removal by cutting away can result in increased infestation.  Recommended removal methods typically involve predators such as the peppermint shrimp which will eat Aiptasia.  Other methods involve injecting the Aiptasia with a kalkswaser paste or other chemicals sold specifically for such uses.  Even with Aiptasia predators and the injection method used in conjunction severe infestations may be difficult to remove and require killing new colonies by injection as they appear.

– Harrison Barnett

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