CO Cleanweb Meetup (Boulder, CO) – Meetup

The CO Cleanweb meetup is a place for individuals interested in leveraging web, mobile and information technologies to drive environmental sustainability.Cleanweb provides opportunities for innovations in services and products as well as in business models. The application of existing technical models from other industries to sustainability issues provides an opportunity for new business models to be built that address complex ecological issues where the limits of traditional clean technologies are already being felt.

Colorado Sustainable Agriculture – (Denver, CO) – Meetup

A group committed to supporting Natural Sustainable Agriculture. Family Farmers, Urban Agriculture, Food & Energy Independence are critical elements to restoring our society, our economy, and our independence as a country. We are all about heirloom, and heritage plants and animals. Aquaponics, permaculture, pastured poultry, and more. This Group is one of the programs of Get To Know Your – If you care about what you eat -NOW is the time to get involved!

Northern Colorado Sustainable Living, Farming and Ranching (Berthoud, CO) – Meetup

This is a group for anyone interested in learning about and getting hands-on experience with small acreage sustainable farming, ranching, livestock raising, market gardening, home-scale aquaponics, or other sustainable/green technologies and practices. All skill levels are welcome. We have a very cool 45 acre working farm/ranch that is an open canvas for you to work on to gain skills and knowledge you can use on your own properties and projects. You will be helping move ahead an international movement to bring food production back to its local roots – we are locavores!!

Forming an Intentional Community near Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, CO) – Meetup

MLL Community is dedicated to the healing of the earth and the salvation of humankind. Members will have a variety of backgrounds and skills and all will be well acquainted with being light beings and have a commitment to bringing forward the transformation of consciousness and the new manifestation of how to live on this earth of ours.

 THRIVE-Sustainable Solutions-GMO Labeling (Arvada, CO) – Meetup

“There are promising possibilities for creating a world in which no one’s rights are violated and every person has the opportunity to thrive. Rather than trying to improve the status quo, there is a way that integrates traditional, progressive, conservative and libertarian viewpoints while reconnecting divisions that have long kept us separated.”

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