Business Sustainable Ecosystems and Community News: Illegal Fishing still a big problem in the US

When people talk about illegal trafficking in wildlife, the glistening merchandise laid out on crushed ice in the supermarket seafood counter — from salmon to king crab — probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But 90 percent of U.S. seafood is imported, and according to a new study in the journal Marine Policy, as much as a third of that is caught illegally or without proper documentation.

tornadoNorth Carolina Tornadoes Damage 200 Homes, Injure A Dozen

Residents, meteorologists and emergency officials in eastern North Carolina were surveying the damage Saturday from multiple tornadoes that damaged more than 200 homes the previous day and sent more than a dozen people…

landslide washingtonDeadly landslide in Washington

Several people are dead and dozens missing after a landslide in Washington state buried homes and cars under mud and debris.

Kingfisher CEO: don’t underestimate impact of climate change on business

: Ian Cheshire urges business to sign a communique aimed at negotiators meeting in Paris next year to thrash out a new binding climate deal

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