Below are the links to two articles that talk about NASA and other public/private research institutions that are using some of the same growing methods that we are researching here at NTP.

The Popular Mechanics article is brief, but mentions the benefits of farming in space and how future space farms in different environments (Moon, Mars, Earth Orbit) would have to account for different variables associated with that environment’s characteristics, and the effect they would have on the vegetation being grown. There is a nice graphic explaining what a future lunar greenhouse might look like and how it would function.

The Modern Farmer article is much longer. It offers more of an explanation as to the ‘what, why, and how’ questions, as well as the current research and experimentation being conducted. An interesting benefit mentioned in the article is the many positive psychological benefits to the astronauts associated with having a living thing to care for. The effect of the living plants on the crew’s psyche is evident when astronaut Don Pettit stated that “the crew never tried eating the plants … it would have felt like cannibalism.”

Modern Farmer

Popular Mechanics

~Keith H.

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