Hi everyone, my name is Harrison Barnett and I’m a Sustainability Intern here at Nourish the Planet.  Here is a little about me:  I’m currently a student at CSU majoring in Natural Resources Management and will be graduating this spring.  I have always loved the outdoors and grew up on a small ranch in Texas before moving to Fort Collins to attend CSU.  This is my first time working in a field related to my studies and I am excited to apply what I have learned at CSU to the projects here at Nourish the Planet. I have recently been working on a project to estimate the population of our goldfish pool which contains hundreds of fish.  This will involve catching a number of random samples of the population, tagging them, and releasing them.  The ratio of tagged fish to untagged fish from these samples can then be used to calculate an estimation of the population.  There are many ways to tag or mark individuals of a fish population such as dyes, injections, or morphological marks. However, the simplest and cheapest method for this will be to clip a fin on the fish.  I will have more of the details of my methods next week and expect to begin sampling the fish within the next few weeks.

-Harrison Barnett

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