To those of you that are seeking to live in union with nature, I commend your efforts and proudly stand beside you.  I too am striving to expand upon my current ability to live sustainably, but more importantly, I wish to live out my higher purpose. Some people might ask, what do you mean by higher purpose? To me, it is all about listening to one’s heart and believing that nothing is impossible; each one of us has the power to shift the paradigm. So here I am; a new intern at Nourish the Planet in Loveland, CO.

My internship experience thus far has been inspirational, which is mostly a product of the people I work with. It is not often that so many intelligent, well-intentioned people get together under one roof. To some extent, it feels like a blank slate where I can explore my interests and feel supported in doing so. I can’t even imagine what will come of it……surely relationships, maybe even a business partner. Who knows!

My interest in aquaponics stems from my interest in natural building, permaculture and eco-architecture. I imagine that whatever I explore here at Nourish the Planet will have these underlying tones. As I see it, they are all connected……

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