This week was rather short for me, because I took time off to move into a new apartment. However, the time I spent on Tuesday as a Business Administration Intern made up for the time I took off. Because my main adviser was absent, I was given quite a bit more responsibility than normal. I thrive on this stuff; learn as you go! I worked on scheduling interviews, editing blog postings, smoothing out logistics, answering phones, developing an internship exit survey, learning QuickBooks software, and learning Google docs and calendar.  All of this is good practice for my own endeavors.

Given that I don’t have a lot to talk about this week, now is a great opportunity to tell you a little more about me: I am 26 years old and hold a B.S. in Geology and Engineering; I have worked as an engineer, water sampler, environmental scientist, woodworker, carpenter, mechanic, sculptor, counselor, instructor, and an outdoor guide; I grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania and spent much of my time exploring nature, building forts and designing ways to get in trouble (in a healthy sort of way).

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