If you are looking for ways you can lose weight fast without using drugs or surgery, it is going to take a lot of hard work. As the old saying goes “no pain no gain” in this case, you will have to go through a lot of pain to lose weight, especially if you do not want to do away with your delicious treats.

For losing weight fast and to keep it off, you must get rid of all your high calorie food, replace it with a high fiber diet, adapt a high intensity workout and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. We are going to give you ten useful tips for losing weight naturally.

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Tip #1: Don’t starve yourself

Many people make the mistake of going on a crash diet. You might be able to lose weight by not eating, but if you starve yourself you will grow weak and your metabolism will slow down. The best way to lose weight is to cut your high calorie food, eat a healthy diet, and start a high intensity workout routine.

Tip#2: Walk away from obesity

If you are overweight, you will find it harder and harder to perform simple physical activities such as climbing steps, playing a game of tennis, running, or even walking. However, if the word “exercise” or “workout” creates avoidance in you, forget about working-out and simply try to do something that you can enjoy, like going for a walk. You can simply get more motivated if you just move yourself and try doing something fun. Listen to some good music while you are walking.

Tip#3: Sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep is very impotent, especially if you want to get in shape fast. Lack of sleep can seriously put your body under stress. You will find that your biological clock will be seriously disturbed when you don’t get a good night’s sleep and the hormones controlling your stress levels also influence your fat cells.

Tip#4: Stay stress free

Recent studies have found that there is a correlation between stress and weight gains. Besides giving you depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension and other physical problems, stress can also make you fat. In today’s world it is almost impossible to avoid stress, but we can easily find ways to minimize stress.

Tip#5: Never skip breakfast

portion-plate-portion-935-oIf you think skipping breakfast will make you slim, you are wrong. Studies have found that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you will probably get more nutrients from a healthy breakfast than you would from lunch or dinner. After you go to bed, you have not eaten anything for a long time, and so, if you skip breakfast you would probably be fasting for 12 hours or more. Skipping breakfast will slow down your body’s natural metabolism and increase the fat deposit. By eating breakfast we are not talking about coffee and donuts, but a healthy, sensible breakfast that contains whole grain cereal, fruits, and milk.

Tip #6: Cut refined carbohydrates

Consuming a high calorie diet with no fiber will cause disruption in your weight loss routine. Avoid food high in calories such as ice-cream, cake, and anything with sugar in it. Also limit starchy food such as rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. High calorie foods increase your blood sugar level and encourage the body to store fat. Avoid all types of food with sugar in it including soda, dessert, pancakes, and so on.

Tip#7: Avoid fat


The equation is simple, if you limit fat intake you are going to get less fat deposits. Any food that has saturated fat (LDL) in it is bad for you. Saturated fat comes from the kind of food that remains hard in the room temperature such as cheese, butter, and so on. Saturated fats can also be found in food such as red meat, chicken skin, whole milk, etc.

Tip#8: High intensify workout

Here is a workout tip for you: If you are trying to lose weight you should not waste any time resting between your reps. Doing a heavy workout and resting in between reps will make you stronger but doing more reps with weights without rest will get you leaner. Your trainer could probably streamline a routine for you that will give you better results.

Tip#9: Make your heart strong

With Cardiac workout and proper diet that fuels your heart you could significantly strengthen your heart and lower the risks of a heart disease. Get regular checkups for your heart so you know if you are at risk of a heart disease and boost your heart condition with proper diet and exercise.

Tip#10: Choose the right diet supplements

gym manSupplements can help you get in shape quicker however, be careful when consuming them because there are several synthetic supplements available in the market that claim to burn fat and reduce weight that may have serious side effects. Natural dietary supplements are generally safest but you should always consult your doctor or read the instructions carefully before taking them. There are also many natural foods known to reduce fat such as black coffee and green tea. There are many natural herbal supplements available in the market that will help you lose weight fast without any side effects. Vitamin D is a good supplement that can shrink your fat cells.

If you could go out and buy a slim body, you’d already have it. But getting a slim body requires hard work and plenty of discipline. It can be achieved through regular exercise and healthy diet and gradually maintaining your body fitness over time. You also need to check your progress so that you don’t get discouraged. Your progress will be very slow and you need to stay on your routine no matter how much craving you have for junk food. Healthy living is a habit and a choice you make through your healthy lifestyle.

Please let us know how well our health tips are working for you. Please don’t hesitate to put down some tips and advice of your own. We would also appreciate it if you share this article and let others know.

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