Take a look at the highlights from Nourish The Planet and around the web this week:

Next 6 Months Crucial for Tesla’s Survival, says CEO Elon Musk – Tesla has some major challenges in the next 6 months, but its impact on electric technology and public perception will remain lasting.

Infographic: Common Houseplants That Make Good Air Purifiers – Make your home healthier with these appealing house plants; even if you don’t have a green thumb!

Sunflower-Inspired Solar Power Technology Effortlessly Follows the Sun – Finding inspiration in the Sun’s favorite flower to harness more electricity throughout the day.

Plant Pests and Disease – Our inaugural blog from Sean Brady here at Nourish The Planet, he tells us what is going on here in our greenhouses and some of the problems this summer’s extreme heat has caused.

A Closer Look at Extreme Drought in a Warming Climate – Speaking of extreme heat, Andrew Revkin of Dot Earth gives us his insight on this summer’s drought and its effects.

City Bountiful: The Rise of Urban Agriculture – Take a look at the inspiring rise of urban agriculture that has happened over the last couple years in the U.S..

In America’s National Parks, Air Pollution Knows No Boundaries – Despite some government mandates and restrictions, air pollution continues to loom over America’s national parks.

New Study Finds Groundwater Demand Outstrips Supply For Over 1 Billion People – This new study shows the impact of growing population and increasing agricultural production on our water supply.

Be sure to check back next week and have a happy Friday from everyone here at Nourish The Planet!

-Savannah Miller

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