Take a look at the highlights from Nourish The Planet and around the web this week:

Behind India’s Grid Breakdown, Deeper Energy Issues – and Opportunities – Andrew Revkin of Dot Earth looks at the underlying problems behind India’s grid breakdown and its consequences.

New Bladeless Wind Turbine Claimed to be Twice as Efficient as Conventional Designs – Could bladeless wind turbines be the future of wind energy?

Acts of Sustainable Charity from a 24 Year Old Farmer in Ukraine – Our own Anastassiya Zherdeva writes about a young man in Ukraine with a passion for gardening and his attempts to spread this love to others.

West Nile Fears Prompt Cities, Private Companies To Step Up Pesticide Attacks On Mosquitoes – Read up on the pros, cons, and general risks associated with spraying to kill mosquitoes.

Video: Edible Landscaping and Vegetable Gardens ideas from the 2012 Chicago Flower and Garden Show – John Collier gives us a tour of the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. He highlights edible landscaping options!

London Olympics aims for a gold medal in waste recovery – See how London Olympic coordinators plan on succeeding in their goal of zero waste for the summer games.

A Glimpse of the Alternative Fuel Future – Take a look at the possible projections of our future fuels! Spoiler: Internal Combustion engines are likely to stick around.

Be sure to check back next week and have a happy Friday from everyone here at Nourish The Planet!

-Savannah Miller

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