This week we have Anastassiya, who is our newest Business Development Intern. She has been doing amazing work with managing our social media. Here is a little more about her in her own words:

My name is Anastassiya and I’m from Almaty, Kazakhstan. I came to USA for tennis scholarship. In general I’m a very positive person that loves snowboarding, skateboarding, photography and music. I also can’t live without a pair of skate shoes!

When did you first become interested in sustainability? Around 2 years ago when I had Recreation and Leisure class in college.

What are the most interesting/important things that you’ve learned since being an intern at Nourish the Planet?

How to be creative when you are limited on the budget; Aquaponics is an amazing example of sustainability that anyone can build!

How do you incorporate sustainability into your life?

Turning off lights when I am not in the room, Turning off water while brushing teeth, and recycling.

What do you want to see change in the world in the next 10 years?  Not as many starving people around the world and clean air in big cities.

What are your goals for the future? To get to know business from the inside and to get valuable experience to build my career and most importantly to stay in the USA.

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?  When I was younger I was always shy and would be afraid to talk to people or just to make a first move so I would tell myself not to be shy.

What is the number one place that you would like to travel to?

Alaska, as I am a huge fan of snowboarding and mountains.

What do you do to “get away from it all” or what is your passion?

Definitely yoga, skateboarding, snowboarding, photography and music

What is your favorite book that you’ve read in the past year?

Charlotte Bronte – Jane Eyre is an amazing novel that tells a story about an orphan girl who makes her way through a tough life and her love story.

What do you wish you were better at?

I wish I was better at organizing myself and be more active when I have free time.

Name one thing that you could not live without?

Music should always be with me as it inspires me a lot so I could not live without my mp3 player.

When you are feeling unmotivated, how do you inspire yourself?

Listen to M83 – outro or try to relate to something that I’m passionate about.

Who is one of your personal heroes or someone that you admire?

My mom. She is a great leader for me, her co-workers and employees.

What is one sentence that describes the philosophy by which you live your life?

Follow your dreams and stay inspired!

Anastassiya has been truly wonderful to get to know and we are so happy that she choose Nourish The Planet for her internship!

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