A sampling of this week’s headlines relating to sustainability and sustainable agriculture…


“…a study in the journal Nature last year concluded that if all species listed as threatened on the Red List were lost over the coming century, and that rate of extinction continued, we would be on track to lose three-quarters or more of all species within a few centuries.”


“As the climate gets warmer, so do the rivers and lakes that power plants draw their cooling water from. And that is going to make it harder to generate electricity in decades to come, researchers report.”


“The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Barrow, Alaska, reached 400 parts per million (ppm) this spring, according to NOAA measurements, the first time a monthly average measurement for the greenhouse gas attained the 400ppm mark in a remote location.  Carbon dioxide (CO2), emitted by fossil fuel combustion and other human activities, is the most significant gas contributing to climate change.”


Excellent interactive tool illustrating deforestation from human activities or climate change pressure.


The UK is urging the implementation of “super farms” based on the models used in the USA in order to keep food prices from rising.  “Last year… a government report on the future of food and farming stated that “the global food supply must be increased through sustainable intensification” to cope with population increase, climate change and other factors. Ministers are now waiting to hear from a working group on the subject.”  Hmmmm….  Sustainable intensification…?


Tomatoes have more genetic information that humans do.


From what I’ve heard of HOAs, this sounds like it could be a struggle.  Maybe interested homeowners could encourage changing the rules?

~Compiled by Ariel Chesnutt


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