OK, I’m not a farmer.  What do you mean start farming?  I live in the city.  I don’t know anything about farming.  Get my hands dirty?

Nourish the Planet is starting the spring out with an exciting FREE Webinar on Urban Farming. That’s right farming in the town and city.  Farming in your backyard. You do not want to miss this exciting discussion.  This will be great fun.

Join the Nourish the Planet Team at this Webinar by clicking here to attend the webinar. 

This is the future! We have to start producing our food closer to home.  We are going to profile the Urban Farming program in British Columbia and we have a surprise guest for you.  You do not want to miss this.Click here to register.

If you haven’t been to one of our webinars they are really cool. Give it a try. You can sit at home in your PJs and learn some great new information.

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