Last week, I accompanied Wayne Dorband (our founder and CEO) to a sustainable agriculture seminar that he gave. The audience included mostly people that were either in or wanted to get into the alpaca industry.  Not all of these people

On another topic, Wayne showed a great TEDTalk video that I had never seen before. I HIGHLY we interested in “green” ideas just because it was the right thing to do, but ALL of them realized that sustainable practices can save them time and money, make them healthier, and help them use their land in better ways.  It was amazing to hear every single participant lament about the same problems: hay prices, hay prices, hay prices, and hay quality. It is so exciting to be a part of a company that is working on a product  that will change so many people’s lives, not to mention provide so many animals with an all natural, nutrient packed feed. If you didn’t see the fodder blog that Wayne wrote you can find it here: Aquaponics fodder.
suggest that everyone watches this important video. Robyn O’Brien is called the “Food Erin Brockovich,” and I really believe in everything that she says about educating Americans about what is in our food. Only if we are educated can we demand corporate responsibility.
-written by Rachel Burmeister, Internship Coordinator 2011-2012


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