Congress is currently poised to vote on increasing regulations of imported seafood, which could essentially allow for growth in the domestic fish industry specifically aquaponics, according to an article from the Times Herald-Record in Middleton, New York.

The article discussed competition of domestic fish farming production versus imports from China, which are increasingly being turned away due to food safety reasons, according to a report by the United States Department of Agriculture. The article stated that “only about 1 percent” of seafood imports from China are currently inspected.

The bill awaiting a vote in Congress is known as the Commercial Seafood Consumption Act and is backed by Senator Chuck Schumer from New York who began boasting the importance of the issue by visiting an aquaponics site, Continental Organics, in New York.

If the bill is passed it could facilitate domestic fish production leading to additional aquaponics systems sprouting up across the country.

Here at Mountain Sky Group we currently use trout in our aquaponics systems while also harvesting romaine and butterhead lettuce simultaneously. To learn more about the Commercial Seafood Consumption act click here or to read the article click here.

Written by Katie Kelley, Social Media Intern, Winter 2011

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